My Mission

My project will be one that could reach many people and inspire them to achieve their dreams and reach beyond what they believe might be possible for them. My project will show that through communication and education we build strength in not only ourselves, but we do this by utilizing the strength of the people around us. We do this by communicating and forming bonds with fellow students and faculty members so that together we can achieve great things and change the world for the better by getting our stories out.

I hope that by presenting this project and putting myself out there as an example I can change the thought process of many who do not see everyone as equals. I hope that I can show people that strength is not just in the physical make up of a person and that there are many people with weaknesses that have strengths beyond measure that may not be seen in our everyday lives. I also hope to show people that one should not victimize themselves but they should be proactive in what they want to do in their lives because achieving ones goals is a product of ones own personal drive.

One thought on “My Mission

  1. Alex you are such an amazing young man. You never stop amazing me as I have watched you grow up. Keep up the wonderful job of inspiring people. Happy to be your friend.

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