A Heart of Passion

I had a deal with my cousin when he was playing college basketball, where I text him this quote, “your talent my heart,”before every game. What this means is that I want him to play with the heart that I would have if I was able to play next to him. I believe with all my heart that I was supposed to play sports at a high level because my passion for them runs so deep. Unfortunately for me as a baby my nervous system was attacked by a virus leaving my muscles very weak along with many other issues that I have had to face and overcome over my lifetime. If this didn’t happen I fully believe that I would be out there on some sort of a field or court giving it everything I had and more! I want to inspire athletes to play with my heart; the heart of the kid that would give ANYTHING to be out there playing for the love of the game! Never stop! Work harder than everyone else because that is what I would do if I could! Your talent my heart!


One thought on “A Heart of Passion

  1. Alex you are an inspiration to every person you meet. With your brain I think you could have been the best point guard. Wellllll maybe 2nd to Steph but a great point guard non the less. God Bless you my friend

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