The Ability of Disability

Writing for my college courses gives me the ability to express my emotions and tell my story.  Here is a paragraph from one of my finals this semester:

One might wonder exactly why some people perceive me as different or inspirational? When I was very young, I developed a rare neurological disorder that has affected my peripheral nervous system. This disease has attacked my body and left me with general all over weakness especially in my legs and arms. The doctors, and I have been to many, can never really put their finger on what exactly went wrong. All they can do is speculate and guess what type of issues I may develop based on what they have seen so far. I have been to many of the top-notch medical institutes in this area including Stanford and UCSF. I have been misdiagnosed many times because my symptoms seem to resemble other neurological diseases. After further studies, which could take a few months to a few years, the result is always the same; I do not get a definitive diagnosis. Instead of being discouraged by all of these false and misleading diagnoses, I have decided to live my life as if there is nothing the matter with me since they cannot find evidence of anything, and just live my life as a normal kid. I strive not only to be average, but to be great. Great not only for a disabled person, but great for anyone out there trying to reach their goals and live their dreams.

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