My Inspiration

Throughout my life people have told me that I am an inspiration and that I inspire them because of things I do in my everyday life. I never truly understood why I inspire people because in my eyes I am living my life just like everyone else. My family has never treated me any different then my brother and sister so I believe I can do anything they can do. When you have people that believe in you, it makes it easier to believe in yourself. People tell me how much I inspire them because of my positive attitude throughout all my struggles. The reason I am always so positive is because of my inspiration. My Aunt Shell is the most incredible person I have ever known! She battled cancer for 10 years and never let her smile fade even one day. When she was diagnosed she was given six months to a year to live. She would always tell me, “you pray for me and I will pray for you and together we will beat this.” Through her willingness to fight and never give up and her belief in God she was able to see her three daughters get married and seven grandchildren be born. If you want to say I am inspirational then you need to know about the strength of the person that inspires me.

One thought on “My Inspiration

  1. Omg!!! This just made me cry! She loved you so much….you both are so inspirational to so many people! She lived each day to the fullest, loved with her whole heart and impacted many….just like you!! Love you Alex and thank you for the kind words about my mom!

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