My Guardian Angel

This is a poem about my Aunt who was a huge inspiration to me and even in death continues to inspire me in my everyday life.  I believe that she is in every action that I make and shows people her spirit through my speaking and my message to the world.

One Totally Cool Aunt

Dessert before dinner, always

Finger puppet shows, fabulous

Poking holes in the Sees candy, sly

Forest walks and exploring, adventurous

How do I explain what you meant to me?


A diagnosis of cancer,

My superhuman Aunt becomes human

Given 6 months to live,

I knew she could beat it.

Her faith in God rises above all else

She keeps all her loved ones positive with her energy


Three daughters and a husband struggle to say goodbye.

Little did they know her struggle would span a decade?

Three magical white weddings, seven flourishing grandchildren.

She sees this all through her somber struggling eyes.


Eyes beginning to droop, body beginning to fail

She senses the end is near.

With family crying in the waiting room not ready to let her go,

She assures them that she will not be far,

just a prayer away.img_1975-1

6 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel

  1. Alex….this made me cry! She was so amazing and she loved you so much. I know she smiles down so proudly on you and all you have and continue to accomplish! Don’t ever stop feeling her inspiration and tackling all the goals you set out to do!! We love you!!

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  2. Awesome……thoughtful, caring, loving…..Alexanderthegreat23 hardly describes you……you are so much more than great. Love you. Uncle Don

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  3. Alex ~ what a beautiful tribute to your Aunt Michelle. She was truly amazing, loving, and courageous. Since you share some of the same genes, you share those same special qualities and spirit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings , and talent. God bless you. Sending love to you and your family. With love, Joanne Devincenzi

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  4. Absolutely beautiful Al. Captures her spirit for life and her unending determination and will to live and love and bring joy to those around her…..and you follow in her footsteps. Huge love and respect for who you are, your struggles and determination and the inspiration you bring to our family everyday…..Uncle B

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