Fearing Change

We all have a routine that we get into in our everyday lives in order to feel comfortable in our surroundings.  It is impossible to keep our routine the same throughout our entire lives because change is a natural part of life even though it may not feel natural to all of us.  This week my family is moving to a new house which brings up my fear for change.  Being a kid with disabilities, change is more difficult for me.  The reason change is more difficult is because when things change for me, the tasks that might seem simple for others and easily adaptable, take me much longer to figure out and get used to.  Simple things that the “normal” person takes for granted, like getting to the bathroom, getting food or drinks, turning off and on light switches, and just the general comfort of waking up in the middle of the night and getting around in the darkness of your new room can be challenging for me until I figure out my new routine.  We all need to face change head on and adapt to it, and try not to fear it.  Change can be one of the most amazing things if we just embrace it.  We would never be where we are today in the world if our forefathers did not embrace change and be inspired by it.  I encourage us all to live like they did and embrace change so that we can pave the way to a brighter future.

2 thoughts on “Fearing Change

  1. You are simply the most inspiring person i know and love! Change is difficult on most people and as we know the thing that you like least in life. But as always is the case we will embrace it together and make our new home the best place to be. I love you goose with all my heart.

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