In a typical day there are hundreds of tasks to accomplish but only so much time to complete them.  In order to get everything done that needs to be done, we tend to rush through tasks without thinking.  By doing this we are shutting down our human emotions that make us great and we are becoming machines.  As I am approaching my graduation from college, I have been busy working on my last school projects.  Recently I have taken the time to look at my friends and see that they are just as stressed as I am with the school work that needs to be completed along with the pressure of the job search that will be upon us in just a few months.  If we took the time to slow down, we would notice that there is a whole beautiful world out there that we could be enjoying.  We might even have enough time to make a new friend that would be willing to help us with our hundreds of tasks that have been weighing us down.  It is my belief that when our journey here on earth is complete, we will not be judged by the amount of meaningless tasks that we completed but rather on the amount of lives we touched while completing those tasks. 

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