Every person has their struggles that they deal with everyday.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the struggles that we have that we can get depressed or angry.  With my specific physical disabilities it would be very easy to get angry or depressed but I make it my goal to remain positive.  I have seen people that have struggled way more then I have and I know that there are people that have struggled even worse then them.  A few of my friends have told me about service trips they went on where there are families that live on a dump because it is the easiest place to find food but they are still thankful for everything they have.  I couldn’t imagine having to search through someone else’s garbage in order to survive.    I always feel that if there are people in the world that can handle struggles that make my issues look simple; then I can put a smile on my face and deal with my difficulties. When I pray at night I make sure that I thank God, and tell Him that I love Him, for everything He gives me. 

One thought on “Appreciation

  1. Alex, I thought you had amazing charisma as an eighth grader and to see the man you’re developing into just Confirms it! Thank you for these thought filled contributions. I look forward to reading many more!
    -Miss Mann

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