The greatest gift God gave us is the ability to love. One of the coolest things about love is the many different forms and levels that it has. There is the simplest form that we understand at a very young such as, “I love candy!” As we grow older we get into deeper forms of love when we start realizing our love for our family. That form of love comes with responsibilities of looking after one another. The next form of love we experience usually confuses us when we get our first crush and realize that love can make you act in ways you don’t usually do. As we mature in our understanding of love we reach a point in which love becomes true love. This past weekend I was able to witness this form of love when I attended the wedding of a family friend. Looking at both the husband and wife gazing into each others eyes, completely forgetting the group of family and friends in attendance, I was able see one of the strongest forms of love. In my understanding the only form of love stronger then this is the love of a parent for their child. This is another form that I can not completely understand yet but have heard about it from those that have experienced it. I look forward to experiencing all of these forms of love in the future but for now I will work on growing in the forms of love I know. As we expand in our knowledge of love, we also grow in our knowledge of God. 

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