Be The Best You Can Be

Despite have the physical disabilities, I have been able to be successful because of the support of my family. Every day on my way to school I would call my dad at work to see how his day was going and tell him that I love him. No matter what we talked about during the conversation it always ended with my dad telling me, “Be the best you can be. I love you!” I believe that I was able to be successful because of this. There is so much pressure on kids today to be better than their classmates or teammates that personal goals get pushed to the side, and we do not celebrate the simple accomplishments that make us special. My mom and dad didn’t expect me to get straight A’s or be a perfect person. All they expected was that I do everything to the best of my ability. This statement drove me to try to find my absolute best self and push my limits to achieve great things. ​​​

One thought on “Be The Best You Can Be

  1. Every time Iread one of your inspiring messages it makes my day! I wish I could clone you and send you all over the world! You need to be a motivational speaker in schools to wake up the lazy, entitled kids who don’t appreciate how fortunate they are!

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