Piazza Venezia

As a graduation present my loving and generous parents have taken me to Europe. We went to Pairs, Venice, and now we are finishing our journey in Rome. The trip has been amazing and I’m having so much fun learning about the history. The trip has had its ups and downs but today was just a little bit different. My family went to the top of the Piazza Venezia, or as we called it “the wedding cake”, to check out the view that showed you pretty much all of Rome. The view was amazing and we got some great pictures but as we went to leave we noticed that the elevator wasn’t coming when we pushed the button for it. The elevator in the Piazza Venezia was all glass so we were able to look and see that it was stuck half way up with people in it. It was a hot day so you know the elevator was heating up inside. There was nothing we could do for the people inside the elevator and we had to worry about how we were going to get down. My mom noticed that there were steps through a door on the side so the majority of people went down but it was too narrow for my wheelchair so we were stranded at the top. We could’ve been really upset at this situation but the way I looked at it was, we had a private rooftop look at the entire city of Rome where we were able to take pictures like we were back in Roman times and that was our castle. As soon as we were done taking our pictures and having our fun, the fire department was there and helped us get my wheelchair down the steps. About five minutes after we got down, we saw the people that were caught in the elevator coming out. Most of them seemed ok but this one lady was sitting on the ground and looked like she was beaten by the harsh conditions in that elevator. We offered her some water and the look of gratitude on her face was amazing. Here we are in one of the most historic cities in the world and a simple offer of water was the best thing this lady could ask for. 

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