You got a friend in me

Freddie is a much more trusting person than I am. He shows his incredible trust and belief that everyone has good intentions in our next video. Check it out and comment below if I’m just being paranoid and should trust people more like Freddie. 

One thought on “You got a friend in me

  1. It hasn’t been easy… A bumpy road to trust others and believe that everyone has good intentions when we first meet others. All my mentors have always said to believe people are good first.

    In high school I learned delegating. I would put together the pep rally’s and had to learn from a wise peer that I couldn’t do everything and I had to trust others would do their work. I thought to myself, “no one will do a good enough job than I.” But as we continually grow, we start to understand we’re better together.

    This past summer I was skeptical of a new acquaintance and he wanted to join together. I didn’t trust him and learned a valuable lesson that helped me solidify this belief and stories we share in this video.

    It’s like babies… As babies we are inherently born good. We have to learn to not be good. Trust others, it may not always work out but like this example in our episode… Trust can also lead into some pretty amazing experiences.

    Hugs and blessings to you Alex! Grateful to call you a friend! Very thankful for Griffin too! See you soon 🙂

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